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Geometrical effects in solid state physics and photonics

On 4 and 5 May 2017 in Clermont-Ferrand, the PHOTON departement is organizing a series of seminars on the theme Geometrical effects in solid state physics and photonics (room 119 of the pôle physique, campus des Cézeaux).

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MT180: two amazing presentations

Congratulations to Maha ISSAOUI and Camille KREWCUN (TGI) who presented their thesis work in three minutes at the MT180 regional competition (12th april). Monitoring of pregnancy and stenosis will increase in performance at the end of their work. The public was convinced by enthusiastic and entertaining performances.

Congratulations to Maha Issaoui, ambassador of science

Maha ISSAOUI, PhD student at the Institut Pascal (TGI, PEPRADE team), has just been chosen to be the ambassador for the L'Oréal Foundation's Girls and Science program. The objective of the program is to encourage girls to choose scientific studies and professions (in partnership with the national education).

At the Institut Pascal, Maha ISSAOUI is working on prenatal diagnosis via a technique that, thanks to ultrasound, can allow a "palpation" of the fetus and check the good development of organs in utero.

CNES talk about IP

CNES puts Lucie POULET to the fore in an article published on 03/20/2017:

R&D: inauguration of the FACTOLAB

The 10th february 2017, the joint laboratory associating Labex IMobS3 (carried by Institut Pascal), Université Clermont Auvergne, CNRS, SIGMA and the MICHELIN Group was inaugurated in Clermont Ferrand.

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