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Photonics simulation for all!

MOOSH is a program allowing to retrieve all the optical properties of a structure made of several layers of different materials. It is conceived exactly as a swiss army knife, with a lot of different tools to find out how light can be emitted, reflected, absorbed or scattered. Moosh is particularly quick, reliable and largely tested. From now on, it is freely available for researchers, students and indutrials.

C'Nano 17th october 2016

The C'Nano AUvergne-Rhône-Alpes organizes a day of presentation and discussion on nanotechnology at the Blaise Pascal University of Clermont -Ferrand on 17th October.

The C'Nano aims to structure research at regional level. It facilitates access to production platforms and coordinates activities among regional partners. The purpose of this day is to develop dialogue and synergy between the scientific laboratories of the new AURA region.

Inauguration of regional science festival 2016 at the Institut Pascal

The inauguration of the Regional Science Festival 2016 was held in Clermont-Ferrand Tuesday, September 27th. It began with the visit of the PAVIN platform and the transfer of participants in the campus by the autonomous shuttle EZ10 .

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